Starting your Translation Career in the United Kingdom and how you can join us

This 60 mins video is a comprehensive guide for someone planning to start his or her translation career in the UK. The video tells how to develop your business from the scratch, cost planning, UK specific business communication and marketing options, to be in the network and earning potential. The video also tells the legal, tax related issues you need to take care to do your translation business in the UK.

Freelancer’s Fear and Stress – Symptoms, Root Cause Analysis and Treatment

This 60 mins video with Q&A is a wordsmith classic and is part of essential wordsmith series. Unlike most stress management course, this course goes deeper into the root cause and addresses those issues in a conversational way and empathetic tone. The course provides tips and case studies to provide a remarkable tip : How you can use stress and anxiety as a productivity multiplier rather than an inhibitor!

Time Management for Freelancers

This 60 mins video with Q&A compellingly trains you in the discipline of time management. The – video shall tell you why you find yourself sometimes working more but earning less. It provides you with a ready to execute plan so that you manage your time at its best and get most rewarded for it.

How to become an effective online teacher for diversification and more income

This 60 mins video with Q&A is for you if you are interested to be an online teacher teaching either a language, marketing, business development or some specific subject. The video prepares you to choose and deploy the technologies and learning methodologies for the best benefit of your students, you and your business.

How to get the first client

This 60 mins video with Q&A is an essential for someone ready to have the greatest event in freelancer’s life and going to get the most important client – the first client. The video not only provides a complete fail-proof preparatory to start your career but also advises on how to build after the first break. Marta also shares her own experience in a conversational manner. If you are poised to get your first client, this is a must-see!

From Employee to Freelancer

This 60 mins video with Q&A provides sincere, direct and home-brewed experience of a traveler who has dared to change course from the path of ‘so-called secured’ employment to the free but heart-pounding life of freelancing. The video tells what to expect, what to avoid, what the challenges are and how to face them. The video is highly positive in tone and briefs about the invaluable rewards in terms of professional and personal fulfillment. Not for the faint-hearted or for the cynical.

The Art, Science and Commerce of Pricing your services

This 60 mins video with Q&A is a wordsmith classic and is part of essential wordsmith series. Pricing is the key ingredient of your business success and is an encrypted signature of your business and most important – of you as a professional. The video provides you with tips, case studies, templates, work-bench so that you use your price to do work for you rather than you are doing work for a certain price only.

Object Oriented Marketing for Freelance Translators

This 60 mins video with Q&A is a wordsmith classic and is part of essential wordsmith series. The video explains the reasons why many marketing campaigns fail or don’t give desired outcomes, leaving you dejected and sometimes frustrated. A series of dos and don’ts with practical, real life examples from translation business make sure that you shall not be the same marketer again!

How to acquire premium clients

This 60 mins video with Q&A is for those freelancers who find that they are working more and more for relatively less and less. The video will help aspirant and established freelancers with some shrewd, do-able and practical tips to get better rates. From common to premium.